A4 Label Sheets

Self-adhesive labels in an A4 sheet, dedicated for ink-jet, laser, dot matrix and photocopier printers. Labels are manufactured from the highest quality raw material using acrylic adhesive. Available formats of labels on sheets of A4


26,25 x 15,6 ; 30x37,04, 38,21,26; 48,75x25,5; 525x29,63; 52,5x49x38, 52,5x74,08; 65x33,92 ;70x32,93; 70x37,04, 70x42,3; 70x49,4; 70x67,7; 70x74,08; 83x53; 85x40, 99,1x38,1; 105x37,04; 105x42,33, 105x48; 105x57; 105x59,27, 105x74, 105x98,77, 105x148,17; 105x296,33; 210x37,04; 210x98,77 ; 210x148,7; 210x296,33

Labels have a QCT edge, which prevents the escape of glue during printing beyond the area of the sheet, which protects the mechanisms of the printer from damage and also affects the ease of unsticking the label from the liner.