• Premium Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon 110x300 Black 1inch OUT
Premium Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon 110x300 Black 1inch OUT

Premium Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon 110x300 Black 1inch OUT

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    Premium wax thermal transfer ribbon black 110mm x 300m OUT

    Size: width 110mm, 300m per roll

    Core size: diameter: 1 inch, width 110mm

    Outer roll diameter: 70mm

    Winding: OUT

    Material: wax with resin additive

    Colour: black

    Application: thermal transfer printing of paper labels


    • suitable for desktop printers

    • Wax transfer ribbon printing is not resistant to moisture, long-term UV exposure causes a gradual print fading

    • storage: 5°C – 35°C

    • premium wax with resin additive - increased abrasion resistance

    A well-chosen transfer ribbon is the key to perfect thermal transfer label printing. The premium wax transfer ribbon provides a better durability of the print than the ordinary wax ribbon. It is dedicated to the print of paper labels and requires the least amount of printhead heating, which positively affects the printer's durability. The premium wax transfer ribbon guarantees a deep blackness and satisfactory durability of the print.

    This transfer ribbon is compatible with printers which support rolls with the 1 inch core and have an outer diameter of max 70mm. Below you can find models of the most popular manufacturers:

    Godex: EZ2350i, ZX1600i, ZX1300i, ZX1200i, ZX430, ZX420, EZ6200 Plus, EZ2250i, EZ6300, EZ2350i, RT730, RT700, RT650i, G530, G500

    Sato: GL412e, GT408, CL608, CL612e,  CL4NX, CL4NX Plus, CL6NX, M84Pro, DR308e, M10e TT

    TSC: TTP-2410MT, TTP 246M, TTP-346MT, TTP 644MT, MX640P, MX340P, MX240P, MH640T, MH640P, MH340T, MH340P, MH340, MH240T, MH240P, TTP-286MT, TTP-384M, PEX-1220, PEX-1120, ML340P, ML340P, MB240T, MB240, MB340T, MB340, ME340, ME240, TTP-2610MT, TTP-368MT, TTP-366M, TTP-268M, TX600, TE310, TE300, TE210, TE200, TX200, TTP-244 Pro, TTP-345, TTP-247, TTP-342, TTP-243 Pro

    Zebra: Z4M, Z4M PLUS,  S4M, Z6M, 105SL, ZM400, ZM600, 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170XiII, 220XI4, ZT411, ZT420, ZT410 RFID, ZT421 RFID, 105SL Plus, ZT510, ZT620, ZT610, 220Xi4, 110Xi4 RFID, ZD620t HC, ZD620t, ZD420t, 105SL Plus

    Honeywell: M-4206, I-4214e, I-4310e, P1115, P1125, H-4212, H-6310X, H-6308, H-4606, H-8308X, H-6212X, H-4606X, H-4212X, H-6210, H-4408, A-6212, A-4212, A-4310, A-6310E, M-4308, PM43c, PM43, PM42, M-4210 RFID, PX4i, PX6i, PX940, PC42t, E-4205A, PC43t, E-4305A, E-4204B, PD43, 6 Mark II

    Toshiba: B-EX4T2, B-EV4T, B-EX6T3, B-EX6T1, B-EX4T3, B-SA4TP, B-SA4TM, B-FV4T, BA410, B-852-R, B-SX8

    Citizen: I-4606e, CL-S700, CL-S703, CL-S700R, CL-S631II, CL-S621II, TX300, CL-E321, CL-S6621, CL-E720, CL-E730

    Metaspace: L-3

    Argox: CL-S703R, CP-2140, X-2300, G-6000

    Valentin (Micra 104/8, Micra 106/12)

    It is worth mentioning that purchasing larger quantities will significantly reduce the unit price of the labels.

    In the case of follow-up orders, it is also possible to obtain trade credit.

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