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Thermal Labels 50,8x25,4mm

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Thermal Transfer Roll Labels

  • Dimensions(W x H): 50,8x25,4 mm, strong glue,
  • 2580 labels on a roll, core size 25 mm, outside size Max. 120 mm


Here's a list of a few printer models compatible with the labels:

  • Zebra (GC420D, GC420T, GK420D, GK420T, GT800, GX420D, GX420T, GX430T, LP2824 Plus, LP2844, S4M, TLP2824 Plus, TLP2844, TLP3842, TLP3844, ZD410, ZD420, ZT220, ZT230)
  • Citizen (CL-S300, CL-S321,CL-S521, CL-S621, CL-S631, CL-E720DT, CL-E720, CL-E730, CL-S6621, CL-S700DT, CL-S700, CL-S700R, CL-S703, CL-S703R, CLP-521, CLP-621)
  • Samsung Bixolon: SLP-T 400, SLP-D 420, SRP 770 II, SRP-770
  • Avery Dennison (Monarch 9416 XL TD, Monarch 9416 XL TT)
  • Bixolon Samsung (SLP-D220, SLP-D223, SLP-D420, SLP-D423, SLP-DL410, SLP-DL413, SLP-DX220, SLP-DX223, SLP-DX420, SLP-DX423, SLP-T400, SLP-T403, SLP-TX220, SLP-TX223, SLP-TX400, SLP-TX403, SLP-TX420, SLP-TX423, SRP-770II)
  • CAB (Mach1, Mach2)
  • Datamax Honeywell (E-4204B Mark III, E-4205A Mark III, E-4206P Mark III, E-4206L Mark III, E-4304B Mark III, E-4305A Mark III, E-4305P Mark III, E-4305L Mark III, W1110)
  • Godex (DT2x, DT4x, EZ-1105, EZ-1305, G300, G330, G500, G530, RT200, RT230, RT700, RT730, RT860i)
  • Intermec: Easycoder Desktop-Serie PC4, EC4, ECC4, IC4, ICC4, PC43d/t, Citizen CLP-521, CLP-621, CL-S521, CL-S621, CL-S631, Sato CX400-Serie, 
  • Metapace (L-1, L-22D, L-42D, L-42T)
  • Sato (CG208, CG212, CG408, CG412, CX400, CT408i, CT412i, CT424i)
  • Toshiba Tec (B-EV4D, B-EV4T, B-FV4D, B-FV4T, B-SV4D, B-SV4T)
  • TSC (DA200, DA300, TA210, TA310, TC200, TC210, TC300, TC310, TDP-225, TDP-244, TDP-247, TDP-324, TDP-345, TE200, TE300, TTP-244, TTP-245C, TTP-247, TTP-343C, TTP-345, TX200, TX300, TX600)
  • Valentin (Micra 104/8, Micra 106/12)

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