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Custom Printed Hotmelt Tapes

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  • Hotmelt
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  • 1-4 kolory

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Custom Printed Hotmelt Tapes

Material: PP (polypropylene)

Length: 60y (54 meters)

Width: 48mm

We can produce tapes in the length of your choice, and also in different widths 19 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm, 75 mm, 96 mm, 144 mm or the one of your choice. Please contact us for a an individuall price quote.

Print: 1-4 colours - possible to print full colour, please contact us for the quote for such a project - info@tnt-label.pl

Base Colour: White, Brown or Transparent.  We can print a colour of your choice, but as before we'll need to quote such a project individually.

The making of the project is free, you can even ask for it before the order. We make the product within about 10 work days + 2/3 day for shipping from the time of project acceptance.


Loud Acrylic

Silent Acrylic

Acrylic adhesives, are the cheapest solution when it comes to packaging. This is a water based glue, which is suitable for flat surfaces. It is designed for use in positive temperatures, where moisture is not a problem. It is offered in two ways - Loud and Silent, as the names suggest the silent tape unwinds quietly, while the loud tape has the standard noise.


Super Hotmelt

Hotmelt is a synthetic rubber with greater adhesive strength than acrylic glue. They are also characterized by higher resistance to moisture, but are also recommended for use at positive temperatures. SuperHotmelt is an improved synthetic rubber, which is characterized by higher adhesive strength.


Natural rubber is the most expensive variant offered by us, but also the best. It is characterized by the best adhesion force, it is suitable for both smooth and porous surfaces. This type of tapes is resistant to moisture, which is important to use in negative temperatures, they do not come off in frost (which is important especially in the winter season when packages in transport are exposed to negative temperatures). Please note, however, that it is better to apply all tapes at positive temperatures.

If you are not sure which adhesive to choose, please contact us, we can also send you samples to make the optimal choice for your surface and conditions.



Strong glue... I recommend...:)

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